5 Steps to a Safe Working Environment.
Dear Zeeshan,

Personal Safety or Making a Living?

This is one of the toughest choices that many of us are making in the pandemic-times. As the economy aspires to throttle, an Office Space that provides a Safe Work Environment is the obvious way-to-go!

With our mandatory Workspace SOP's, you can now give undivided attention to your business and let us worry about your safety.
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Here are our SOPs as per The Ministry of Home Affairs, for Ensuring a Safe Work Environment For You and Your Team.

1. Social Distancing

We've limited the seating capacity in the meeting rooms, elevator and common areas.

2. Daily Sanitisation & Deep Cleaning

Complete Office is being disinfected twice, once when the day starts and other, at the end of the day.

3. Hygiene is our top-most priority.

Regularly touched surfaces are being disinfected multiple times every day.

4. Thermal screening and oximeter reading at the entrance

Scanning of temperature and measuring oxygen, for every individual entering WORKNEST premise, is mandatory.
Normal Range of Temperature : Below 99 degrees F
Normal Range of Oxygen : 96 to 100 %

5. Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispensers at multiple locations

All major areas of WORKNEST have touchless hand sanitizer dispensers that can easily be operated by a simple foot press.

While you slowly get your businesses back on their feet, WORKNEST allows for a safe work environment in the Post-COVID world.
So choose Worknest as your space partner & work hassle free!

Tanisha Batra
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